Design of Gravity-Fed Sprinkler System using Full Hydraulic Calculation

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Problem Statement

The proposed development is made up of various buildings located at different parts of the compound. The water supply source is tapped from the sprinkler water storage tank on the roof of the tallest building. The water supply to the sprinkler systems of the other buildings are fed by gravity via a ring main pipe routed on an uneven terrain throughout the compound.


As it is a gravity feed system, the main challenge is to provide a water flow/pressure curve similar to a pump characteristic curve at the tie-in point of each building.


With the full hydraulic calculation software, we were able to assume the various flow demands and calculate its available pressures at each of the tie-in points.


With the calculated flow/pressure data, we were able to plot out the flow/pressure curve for the tie-in points at the various buildings. With these flow/pressure curves, the sprinkler system designer will then be able to check by marking their calculated sprinkler system demand for the particular building onto the curve to verify if the Gravity Feed Water Supply is adequate for their sprinkler system.

Fig 1: The sprinkler water supply ring main pipe from the roof of the tallest building to the other buildings

Fig. 2: Hydraulic Supply (Gravity-Feed) at a particular Tie-In-Point

Fig. 3: Hydraulic Supply (Gravity-Feed) at Tie-In-Point